We help companies

  • Maintain employee health and productivity
  • Comply with health & safety legislation and codes of practice
  • Achieve ACC or corporate standards

WORKhealth Nurses and Occupational Therapists deliver onsite services at workplaces throughout the Auckland region, including

  • Health tests
    • hearing, lung function, vision
    • blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, BMI
  • Computer workstation assessments
  • Noise level measurements
  • OOS-prevention training
  • Manual handling training

At our centrally located Ponsonby premises, we also provide

  • Pre-employment health assessments
  • Drug tests
  • Alcohol tests

We offer

  • Service under regular contract or as-required
  • Programmes to suit individual workplace requirements
  • Timetable formats for scheduling and informing employees
  • An extensive range of handouts
  • Concise reports with clear recommendations
  • Storage and management of employee test records
  • Reminders for annual programmes